First read: Living With It – Lizzie Enfield

Publication date: 26th June 2014

Firstly i would like to thank the kind people at Myriad Editions and Goodreads for giving me a free copy of this novel; i thoroughly enjoyed it, this is the part where i explain why…

When i started reading and realised that it was written from the perspectives of two people, i expected it to be one long argument and for the plot to become tedious. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when the structure of the book began to work very much in its favour. Writing from two contrasting points of view, Enfield does a terrific job of providing insight to both men and women, how they think and how they make decisions. As i am not a parent i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to relate very well to the narrative but this was not the case. I found myself addicted to Enfield’s writing style and the truth which she seemed to uncover; i could easily apply some of Ben and Isobel’s chapters and internal monologues to my own life experiences.

Another thing i think worked really well was separating the book into days and weeks. This really helped convey the speed at which the story was moving along and gave the reader a feel for how out of control the situation becomes in a short time frame.

Throughout her work, Lizzie Enfield slots all the right pieces into all of the right places at all the right times. She tells the reader what they need to know about the past of the two protagonists at exactly the right moment. This builds character and also helps engage a wider audience; for example, i could easily relate to the stories Isobel and Ben include about university life as that’s where i currently am in my life.

Don’t let the subject matter scare you, this is a book for everybody. Not only is the storyline very touching but it also explores human emotions and decisions. A lovely read, Enfield works hard to make all the tiniest details count. Brilliant.

I hope it does well upon its release in a couple of weeks – give it a read, tell me what you think!

My rating: **** – relatable and engaging but i feel the ending could have been a bit more elaborate… Maybe i just didn’t want it to end at all!
My advice: buy it, borrow it, loan it!

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